Tidal Bay Consulting offers a full range of community development, convening, and environmental compliance services to help clients in all sectors achieve their goals and regulatory requirements. These services include:

Stakeholder Engagement

Let us help you develop and implement a plan to engage with targeted stakeholder groups around a policy issue or project. Our method of convening diverse perspectives enables outcomes to be maximized across all parties.

Community Outreach

Is there a proposed project or regulation in your community that may affect the environment, residents, or economic opportunities in the area? Our multi-tiered approach to community engagement encourages broader participation of key stakeholders.

Meeting Planning and Facilitation 

Whether you have a public meeting, workshop, or board meeting, let us help plan the agenda and facilitate the meeting. This allows you to actively participate and achieve the desired outcomes collectively. 

Fundraising and Grant Writing

From developing a fundraising strategy to researching sources of funding and writing grant proposals, let us help with the planning and writing while you focus on relationships.


Research and Writing

Do you have research or interviews to inform a project that you'd like to take to the next level? Tidal Bay Consulting can help conduct this research and create a well crafted report for your target audience.

National Environmental Policy Act

Tidal Bay Consulting supports clients throughout the process of environmental impact assessment, including research, planning and facilitation of public hearings, and preparation of documents including the following:

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Social Impact Assessment